Glory Cocoland Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago country consist of 17.000 island. Therefore, Indonesia has a wide variety of natural products, such as mining, agriculture, and fisheries.

PT. Glory Berkat Indonesia hereby to help provide the best Indonesian products to the world. With a vision to bring the economic of the Indonesian people more developed, through the agricultural sector.

We produce several excellent products that come from Coconuts. Why Coconuts? Because this plant can be used in almost all parts, from leaves, fruit to roots. So that it is considered a versatile plant. Read More


Our Product


Coconut Charcoal


Brown Sugar


Coconut Fiber


Semi Husked Coconut


Coconut Broom Stick


Coconut Peat


Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)


Coconut Flour


Coconut Oil


Coconut Dry Milk


Coconut Flakes