Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is prepared from the juice of sugarcane. Brown sugar is very popular around the world because of its health benefits. The small amount of molasses present in brown sugar provides the sugar its flavor and color.

Below you will find the top health benefits of brown sugar :

1. Completely Free of Chemicals
Unlike white sugar, brown sugar is totally free of chemicals because its manufacturing does not need the molasses which are essential in the manufacturing of white sugar. Brown sugar is prepared from the juice of sugarcane and it contains only a small amount of molasses, which offers the brown sugar its color and flavor.

2. Has Important Minerals For The Body
Minerals found in brown sugar are from the molasses added to the sugar, molasses is a good source of important minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, one teaspoon of brown sugar with your tea everyday gives you 20% of your daily requirements of iron and Calcium, indeed molasses is actually used to prevent or treat anemia during pregnancy.

3. Eases Menstrual Cramps
Potassium found in molasses which is mixed with the sugar to make brown sugar helps in relaxing the muscles including the Uterine muscle and eases contractions that occur during the menstruation that causes cramps, you can take it in its natural form or mix it with some ginger tea for a boosted benefit, however be aware of the calories you are consuming.

4. Used for skin Care
Besides providing flavor to dishes, brown sugar is extremely beneficial for skin care. It is an important ingredient in a number of skin care products. It helps in softening the skin and it also helps in removing the dirt and dead skin cells.

5. Help in Preventing Obesity
Brown sugar is considered to be extremely beneficial for your health as it helps in preventing obesity because it contains fewer calories as compared to white sugar.

6. Natural Energy Boost
Just like white sugar, brown sugar will provide you with a natural energy boost for a short period of time, giving your temporary strength and helping you to wake up when you feel weak. However, since it has little or no nutrients, white or brown sugar can only provide you with energy for a short period of time. After which you are left wanting more. This effect is caused by the lowering levels of the hormone serotonin.

7. Help in Improving Digestion
Brown sugar is considered to be extremely beneficial for your digestive system as it helps in improving digestive system health. Drinking water boiled with slices of ginger and some brown sugar is extremely helpful for treating constipation.

So many good thing in brown sugar.

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