Coconut Charcoal

Coconut charcoal made from coconut shell, which we offer in varying shapes and sizes.  The coconut shells ensured easy ignition, high and even heat and a longer burn time.

We have excellent product which have many advantages such as:

  • 100% coconut shell charcoal.
  • Good red color after fully glowing
  • Low ash & Good ash color (between silver grey or white), if thrown (after fully glowing)
  • If thrown (after fully glowing) it’s only broken into big pieces.
  • No Smoke, No smell, No Spark and Very Clean
  • High Calorific Value
  • No Chemical added at all
  • Burning longer than any other charcoal products
  • Premium Quality

Glory Cocoland Indonesia assured the safety of the environment from the point of collecting the raw coconut shells until packing and dispatch.

For our detail product and any inquiry do not hesitate to contact us.