Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is made from coconut meat that has been dried and ground. This flour is a fine white powder with a light texture. Although not as popular as wheat flour and rice flour, this flour can also be used as a mixture to make cakes.  Even not inferior to other flours, coconut flour also has various health benefits.

Coconut flour is a great choice if you have peanut and gluten allergies. In addition, this flour also has various nutrients. A quarter cup or about 30 grams of coconut flour contains the following nutrients:

120 calories
18 grams of carbohydrates
10 grams of fiber
6 grams of protein
6 grams of sugar
20% daily value of zinc

Flour derived from coconut is generally considered a low-carb fiber. Apart from being rich in fiber, coconut flour also provides medium chain fatty acids and vegetable iron which are good for the body.

Benefits of Coconut flour for health :
– Improve digestive health
– Helps lose weight
– Potential to kill viruses and bacteria
– Helps metabolism
– Maintain stable blood sugar
– Maintain heart health

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